What's Changed in Experimental Snapshot 2? ▫ Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Update

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Minecraft has published Minecraft Experimental Snapshot 2, the latest Java Edition snapshot for the Caves & Cliffs Update Part 2. And terrain is getting even more epic.

This update builds on the new mountain biomes introduced in Experimental Snapshot 1, smooths out jagged terrain and microbiomes, raises cloud levels, expands beaches, and adds new customizable light level conditions for dungeon mob spawners!

In this video, I explore these changes in Survival Minecraft before going into Spectator mode for a side-by-side comparison of identical world seeds, and providing examples of everything mentioned in this week's change log.

0:00 Intro
0:47 Survival Exploration, World 1
10:00 Survival Exploration, World 2
19:00 Side-by-Side comparison, World 1
21:20 Side-by-Side comparison, World 2
23:26 Side-by-Side comparison, World 3
25:13 Side-by-Side comparison, World 4

26:52 Side-by-Side comparison, World 5
29:43 Snapshot change log

World seeds:
World 1: 8234280699414840627
World 2: 6324762745122319836
World 3: -7167329998881268403
World 4: -8912596442571600826
World 5: -2171578157173040101
World 6: 34658058783448831

The snapshot also makes a ton of smaller tweaks to terrain generation. As before, it's worth noting that this is an *Experimental* snapshot, and any of the changes in this snapshot could change again before a full release arrives!

You can find the full changelog here, along with instructions for how to install the snapshot:

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