What is the Best Way to Mine in Minecraft 1.17?

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With the new part two terrain generation, what is the best way to mine in Minecraft? From strip mining to diagonal mining to TNT duplicators, which method can get you the most diamonds super fast in the new caves and cliffs update. I hope you enjoy :D

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(ill start including the songs soon i just forgot this time im sorry)
THE SONG THAT STARTS AT CRAWL MINING IS CALLED PARTICLE EMISSION. I REMEMBER THIS BECAUSE I GOT CLAIMED TWICE FOR IT. What's really funny is that I got the song from epidemic sound, which I paid for. BUT I ALSO got claimed by another company called Songtrust, so this guy who made the music must have licensed it to another company as well as epidemic which means I GOT CLAIMED FROM BOTH EVEN THOUGH I PAYED FOR THE SONG ONCE. Kind of a funny bruh moment but luckily they both released the claim 11 hours later so I get to use this banger song.


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