GTA 5 Tuner Update DINKA RT3000 Sound, Customization, Time Trial, Review | Honda S2000 | RRGTA

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The Dinka RT3000, GTA's bootlegged version of the Honda S2000. Light, nimble, stunning-good looks, and a screaming engine that revs to redline faster than you can say, "Too soon, junior."

Available in both hard-top and mid-life-crisis convertible, the RT3000 could just be the perfect vehicle to channel that inner boy racer with the wind in your hair, all while chanting "family" as you win races by an inch or a mile -- it doesn't matter -- because winning is winning.

But can one actually win races with this? Lets find out.

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00:00 Customized Options
03:46 Exhaust Sound, Road Raging
05:19 Road Rage Time Trial
07:13 Poll Results, Conclusion, Ratings out of 10
07:40 Pictures
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