Fossils and Archeology Revival (Minecraft Mod Showcase | 1.12.2)

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Fossils and Archeology Revival adds fossils that you can revive to bring dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals to life. Alongside fossils, there are also ancient artifacts from past civilizations to discover!

Here's a link to the mod:
Here's a link to the official wiki:

The mod version covered in this video is for Minecraft (Java Edition).

Timestamps ⌚:
0:00 - Overview
1:56 - 1st Step: Acquire Fossils
3:00 - 2nd Step: Getting DNA and Fossilized Seeds From your Fossils
3:46 - 3rd Step: Bringing your Prehistoric Plants and Animals to Life
6:29 - 4th Step: Caring for your Prehistoric Creatures
8:10 - 5th Step: Making Enclosures for your Prehistoric Creatures
9:39 - Optional Step: Taming your Prehistoric Creature
12:20 - Relic Scraps and Archeology Related Stuff
14:25 - Future of the Mod
16:00 - Final Words
17:02 - Mob Compilation

Music used ????:
Spring Thaw by Asher Fulero
Pac Man World 2 Soundtrack - Into the Volcano
Croc 2 Soundtrack - Find The Wheels In The Jungle! 3
Croc 2 Soundtrack - Climb The Devil's Tower 1
Croc 2 Soundtrack - The Village Masher Level
Terraria Soundtrack - Jungle
Terraria Soundtrack - Underground Jungle
Aria Math by C418 (Minecraft)
Dreiton by C418 (Minecraft)
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