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FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD Lonny (Also known as SourKid26) came onto the scene in 2012. He and his parents live a hard life filled with devastation. Sometimes his own family is wielding the axe. He moves from place to place and there were some highpoints. There were low points. He grew up with a chip on his shoulder because his life is plagued dependancy.

Years ago, Lonny started to write to oldschool records by artists like Tupac. He found a lot of similarities between his own life and Tupac's. Drug Addiction in the family being one of those similarities. Living a nomadic lifestyle filled with uncertainty. And basic human decency not being demonstrated by society. Others like Eminem and Metal Legend Ozzy Osbourne provide him with mega inspiration, but on a more homey/familiar level. Lonny wants to be like something else, though. Respected and Inspirational.

Those influences set the tone for what would be a career of a multitude of poetic styles and the use of many different likenesses which are borrowed from everything that ever inspired him. If Lonny likes it, he either writes about it, remixes it into a song, or sings it out loud. Hence Rap Allowed Records.

Email at LJDunnJr@ Bookings For L Da Vice/SourKid26 #(703) 731-1492. Ask for Lonny, set up an appointment and lets promote one another!
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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Any and all renditions of musical content used varying from lyrics, instrumentals, names, relative scenarios are given fair depiction, representation, and credit. Songs/Tracks/Renditions ect. receive thorough vetting before upload is approved. There should never be an upload that is either missing representation (Credit) or doesn't have appropriate representation. To have such would result in immediate takedown of the video/upload. Any claims made by associates, "friends" "acquaintances" are not claims made by Lonny (SourKid, L D Vice) and should not be taken as such. Any similarities to other individuals are coincidental. Not intentional.


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