Cyberpunk 2077 Review / Rant: CDPR Should Be Ashamed

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Cyberpunk released to massive hype as developer CDPR practically promised the game of the generation.

If you've been following the marketing of this game via Youtubers or the marketing team at CDPR, prepare to be disappointed as there is lots of cut content and half-baked mechanics in this game.

This game is not really an RPG, your choices do not matter for the most part for the story or the world at large.

The game's story is extremely linear, with some multiple endings (think Mass Effect 3).

The game does have its moments in the story, and the action was fun towards the beginning.

If you go into this game with zero expectations, a decent gaming pc, and wait maybe a few months down the line, you will have a solid single player action-adventure experience, but probably wait for a sale.

However, with the game in its current buggy state and with the sort of false promises the marketing has created this game cannot be recommended in good faith. May revisit once the game is patched up in February.

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