Cyberpunk 2077 | How Bad Can it Be? (PC Review)

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Wake the F up we have a game to review.

*Remember that this is ONLY covering the game on PC! CDPR discussion video coming tomorrow!*

Hey everyone, Kane from VividChim here and today we are finally covering #Cyberpunk2077 by #CDPROJEKTRED.

Now. Let’s make this VERY CLEAR. This video is about the PC version of Cyberpunk 2077 and ONLY that. If you want a console review I’m sorry but I don’t have that version. I then have a second video that’s either already out or out the day after this video that is a discussion on #CDPR and that whole situation. Also, just because I say or sound a certain way in this video, doesn’t mean I’m guaranteed to think about things a certain way in that one. That’s its own separate discussion, hence why it’s getting it’s own video.

With that out of the way though it’s time I ask. Cyberpunk 2077… How Bad Can it Be?


0:00 - Intro
1:00 - The Narrative
04:05 - The Presentation
06:51 - The Gameplay
10:41 - Final Thoughts/ Outro

That's right! After months of waiting we are finally getting our hands on Cyberpunk 2077 and the verdict to say the least.

In this VividChim How Bad Can It Be? video we are taking a look at CD PROJEKT RED's open world RPG to create a cyberpunk 2077 review pc. The purpose of this video is to give my thoughts on a few questions including "is cyberpunk worth it" "is cyberpunk 2077 worth buying pc" "is cyberpunk worth it on pc" as well as what's the cyberpunk 2077 pc performance like.

I also want to try and put water to some of the burning questions of fear some may have who are wondering "should i wait to buy cyberpunk 2077 pc" "why should i buy cyberpunk 2077" "is cyberpunk good" "is cyberpunk worth it" while also trying to put at ease the question of "why is cyberpunk so bad" and while I won't be getting into it fully in this video, I do also aim to answer "why is cyberpunk so buggy" more in the follow-up video about CDPR. All in this cyberpunk 2077 pc review How Bad Can it Be? VividChim video.


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