14 Worst Ways to lose your Hardcore Survival World in Minecraft

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14 Worst Ways to lose your Hardcore Survival World in Minecraft
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Hardcore Survival mode is a gamemode in Minecraft which puts you in the hardest difficulty, it also means that if your player dies then your world is gone forever.

In this video I will be showing off 14 of the worst ways YouTubers and players have lost their hardcore worlds, either by dying to mobs or getting stuck in inescapable situations.

We have examples such as when DanTDM lost his hardcore world to a village raid, Pipin06 who was extremely unlucky and was killed by generation as well as the famous philza losing his 5 year old world.

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1) Minecraft Hardcore - S3E10 - "THE END" Ph1LzA death by a glitch (glitch patched)

2) So I Got Stuck On The Nether Roof In My Hardcore

3) its (Minecraft Hardcore) dantdm


5) Breeding Cows for 10 Hours Straight Killed Me (Hardcore S1 Finale)

6) 3 months worth of work gone because of 5 iron

7) So, I tried playing hardcore amBeeme

8) There goes my hardcore run. Pipin06

9) survives: Nearly Died in my Hardcore world :/

10) jbams death

11) Stuck in Bedrock

12) the most unfortunate death in syloToonuts

13) My hardcore world F

14) How I lost my hardcore world :( Posted byu/MalsKippetje

0:00 Worst Ways to Lose Your Hardcore World
0:43 ph1lza Death by Glitch hardcore World
1:31 Getting Stuck on the nether roof
3:34 DanTDM Hardcore Survival Death
4:30 philza losing his 5 year hardcore world
5:00 Jihita death by Cows in Minecraft
6:00 Elytra Fail
6:23 Death by Gravel in Hardcore
6:49 Killed by Generation
7:23 Lava Trap
7:45 Jbams Hardcore Death
8:15 Getting stuck in bedrock
9:04 Killed by Golem
9:45 Bed in the Nether Mistake
9:58 Ninja Creeper

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